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About the CEO


     In 2016, I quit my full-time teaching to attend a doctoral program and I worked primarily as the Doctoral Graduate Assistant in the Research and Writing Lab at my university. After teaching for nearly 16 years, I took a huge pay cut to learn what it meant to be an "expert" in the field of editing dissertations. I learned from some of the best and brightest women in the field. However, I saw a greater need and service that I could provide for my clients. I've been where you are, so I understand the stress of school, work, and managing a family. This is why I created dissertation coaching for my clients.
 My team and I are here to support you! I created Dissertation Doctors for professional graduate students who need support getting to the finish line. We provide dissertation editing and coaching support that supersede what universities offer. I have worked with enough students to identify what works and what does not.  We will save you time. I'm excited for you and your journey! Are you ready?  


About Us

Dissertation Doctors was specifically designed for graduate students who spend an extended amount of time and money preparing a dissertation and needs help getting it all done. Our dissertation editing and coaching services are personalized.  We consider your work schedule, family, friends, and deadlines when we map out a plan for you.  Consider us your "dissertation concierge service." We guarantee you will get your time back, save money, and unlike our competitors, we are with you from start to finish.  Are you ready?

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